Monday, March 9, 2009

Tee shirt Dress Part II

Now we're going to gather. First thing to do is to set the upper tension and stitch length. Usually upper tension is set to around 5 and the stitch length is 2.5. We're going to gather with a tension of 7 or 8 and a stitch length of 5. Check your manual if you are not sure where your tension and stitch length dials are.

Fold the skirt tube in half with the seam on one side. Place a pin in the other side to mark where the half-way points of the tube are. Gather the fabric: Pull out a good 6 to 8 inch "tail" of both the needle and bobbin thread. Start where the seam is and line up the side of the presser foot with the edge of the fabric. Sew, allowing the fabric to gather itself as you go. STOP when you get to your halfway point, take the skirt off the machine making big thread tails. Then put the skirt back ON the machine and gather the rest of the way around.
Thread tails:
Presser foot placement:
Presser foot placement for gathering

Once you make it all the way around (don't forget to pull out nice long thread tails at the end!) you're done with part II. Next we will adjust the gathers and attach the skirt to the tee shirt!

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