Friday, January 29, 2010

Serious Fun

"Serious Fun" adapted from a recent Australian Smocking and Embroidery. Made for my niece for Christmas.

(the piping turned out better than it looks in the photo...)

Shades of Pink


I *love* this dress. Of the non-smocked things that I've made, this is my favorite. It has completely sold me on the importance of top-stitching. The lace on the bodice was a goodwill find. I also really love the double buttons. We hand most of Alice's clothes down as she outgrows them, but I think this will be one we will keep.

(Tim took these pics at an old somewhat abandoned botanical garden in town. Aren't they great?!)



This is an EASY project and you could totally do it even if you don't sew. Makes a fabulous cheap birthday gift! I got the tutorial here. This was for one of Alice's classmates. Apparently it was the hit of the birthday party.

Pig Pillowcase

This was a project I was hired to sew. I have another one cut out and partially completed for Alice. These are pretty simple, if I ever get my act together I'll stick a tutorial of sorts up.

pig pillowcase

I was pretty tickled when I figured out how to make a curly tail. I used ribbon and sewed a line of shirring (elastic in my bobbin) close to one side which made it curl up into ringlets.
curly tail

Peapod dress

peapod dress

Outfit for Alice