Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is a fall dress made from two of the fabrics I pulled out for Alice's wardrobe. The pattern is a modified Anna Maria Tunic from the 3/09 issue of Ottobre. I turned it into a dress per Alice's request. It wound up being a looooong dress, which isn't bad because it's also pretty generous around her chest / arms. I expect this will fit her for at least two years, possibly three.

This is a UFO I finished up a few weeks ago. We call it the Karate dress but it's really a Mod Kid Kyoko. Here it is without the sash thing:
With the sash thing:
This is a church dress for the remaining warm weather. It is HUGE on her so if it is too short in the spring I'll add a ruffle around the bottom so she can wear it for church next spring and summer.

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